Connect-group in Trondheim started because of the exchange program

The Connect-group became a perfect spot to keep in touch with friends from Connect, Hald, NMSU and NMS! With a lowkey mood including boardgames and loads of coffee, it was the perfect conditions for catching up with friends and sharing faith and life.

In 2017-2018 I participated in the Connect program and had my exchange to Madagascar with the Malagasy partner, FLM. For six months, Antananarivo was my home city, and it was for sure a half year beyond this world!

When I came back home to Norway after my half year with exchange, I felt like it was just a few people who could understand and relate to the experiences and stories from my exchange abroad. The people I felt could relate to was my fellow students, and others with an experience of living abroad.

After my year at the Connect program, I moved to Trondheim. As one of the cities in Norway with the largest population of students, it is a lot of arenas for volunteering in different student groups. Even with all these possibilities of involving in both Christian groups and churches, or groups with a focus on aid and development, I felt like it was room for another type of group and hangout-place.

We were four Connect-participants who went to Trondheim, and we wanted to have a place and a reason to hang out together. As former Connect-participants we shared this experience of living abroad, as well as our common excitement for playing board games, coffee, and sharing our faith.

Therefore, together with other participants from my year in the Connect program and from other programs at Hald internasjonale skole, we started NMS Connect Trondheim. Once a month students and young adults meet at the NMS-office; some as former Connect-participants and Hald-students, others that have been to a NMSU-camp, and others that just wanted to join.

On this picture the group NMS Connect Trondheim is gathered in March 2021.

Do you want to read more about the Connect-group in Trondheim?

Take a close look here (click on the logo of NMS Connect Trondheim):


Emil Buxrud

Participant in Connect 2017-2018


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