Our goals

Connect has formulated four common goals as a shared focus of the program.

  1.  Raise  young leaders  to influence their society
    in a positive way.


  2.  Empower  and motivate young people to take part in the organizations and influence their work.

  3.  Involve   organizations and civil societies in global and social challenges related to issues like injustice, poverty and environment, and inspire them to take actions for this.

  4.  Build  bridges between different cultures and raise awareness of being part of a global world.

We believe we can achieve this by challenging youth
to share experiences knowledge and ideas.

One shared challenge for all the partners has to do with the participation of youth, and youth leadership in the organizations. So, we want to focus on training young leaders to take responsibility in their society and organizations, and to use this program to enable youth participation in the organizations.

To do that, participants from all over the world go to Norway for a 10-month training and work period in the country while Norwegians go to Hong Kong, Madagascar and Brazil.

These guys got the real meaning of Connect and are taking action.

Big challenges. Great people.

Read our blog and check how we are responding to the challenges.

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