We want to raise young leaders to make a positive change.

The  exchange  way.



This is us

A development program facilitating for mutual exchange of youth between four organizations: NMS (Det Norske Misjonsselskap), Movimento Encontrão (Brazil), FLM (Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy) and ELCHK (The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong). Our main goal is to raise young leaders that are influencing their societies in a positive way and that are working for a world without injustice and poverty.

How we do that? We...

Raise  young leaders 

 Empower  and motivate them

Fight injustice and porverty

 Build bridges  to raise awareness

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We believe we can achieve this by challenging youth
to share experiences knowledge and ideas.

One shared challenge for all the partners has to do with the participation of youth, and youth leadership in the organizations. So, we want to focus on training young leaders to take responsibility in their society and organizations, and to use this program to enable youth participation in the organizations.

To do that, participants from all over the world go to Norway for a 10-month training and work period in the country while Norwegians go to Hong Kong, Madagascar and Brazil. This includes 4 months teaching at Hald internajonale skole and 6-7 months internship.

The Connect program is supported by Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation - Norec.




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